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About Us

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

World derives us. Standing among the top industries that are being rotated daily among a huge number of competitors and industrialists, Tourism and Travel is one of the most satisfiable industries. Utilizing the earth and its natural resources, for the positive outcome of seeing the beauty and then reaching the final climax of realization can be all that the Tourism industry is defined. But how is this industry immortal in every aspect? How is this industry unbeatable in characteristics?

It is said, 'India is the Golden Bird.' But from where we see, it is still the Golden Bird. From brave Kashmir to ferocious Kanyakumari, from dark Ajanta Caves to the Light of Madurai, from the Barren Thar to hopeful Jaintia Hills, India is a marvelous sector of tourism and home to fruitful tourism associations and plans. That builds the base of RJ Associate's Travel Heights. In an economy as profuse as India, the business and tourism prospects of the nation are undeniably multifaceted. However, the world needs to be made aware of India’s various aspects, hence comes the picture; RJ Associates, a media firm disseminating holistic information about the Indian Economy, responsibly.

Business is another important sector for the world. Daily, several start-ups, entrepreneurs, schemes, industries are born to beat the existing routine of the business world and crack open issues worldwide to sell the best solution. 'Business Unlimited' is the messenger that will be gathering all the essential data from the Business World. Our publication provides information that is more in-depth and needs a wider approach. We know Business is so much more than we see, and our goal sticks to investigate the mightiest of business trends, economy, and new upgrades in the market.

RJ Associates, an elite Delhi-based media firm was born in 2015. Our publications 'Travel Heights' and ' Business Unlimited', speak the universal language of giving what is needed. The ultimate collection of contemporary data for every section of human society covering every aspect of two major industries and delivering the best content for our readers and appreciators. Apart from our publications, we have certain media services that we provide for our clients. We aspire to construct a multi-faceted Media Agency providing SMART content and services for our clients and expanding our firm to imprint a capable impression and take our brand to the next level.

We believe, 'The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.' And, so does our aim and future desideratum.

Our Mission

To impart that was never impacted while finding and creating our ideas to launch innovations through our content and design and setting up limitless media boundaries to reveal our essence internationally and capture the utmost nature of Travel and Business domains. .

Our Vision

To emerge as a trusted Media company and partner in the Travel and Business Industry and set up a brand for Publication and Media services, and see the change growing across the nation.

Our Objectives

RJ Associates daydreams of establishing the top multi-media sector in tourism and business. There is no limit to borders, and the same is our boundary. We have stories for our all readers, and that will be shared.

  • We give to all of life as life has given us
  • We honour relationships
  • Trust and stewardship are an integral part of fulfilling dreams
  • Collaboration is essential to create miracles
  • Creativity and aesthetics nourish the soul
  • Unlimited thinking is fundamental
  • Living your passion is vital
  • Joy and humor open our hearts to growth
  • It is important to remind ourselves of love
  • A highly capable, joyful, inspired, passionate team is vital to our success


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